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Some of the actual problems faced together with our customers:

  1. Edit a Business Plan in order to:
    • Get a loan from a bank.
    • Share with the employees a common plan.
    • Support divestitures, acquisitions, partnerships, relocation and debt restructuring.
  2. Manage the generation handover.
  1. Set company targets
  2. Engage, empower and encourage employees (Valuing the Human Resources)
  3. Evaluating the performance
  4. Remove business processes bottlenecks
  1. Know the level of sales necessary to cover the fixed costs and to ensure a certain profit to the company.
  2. Know (and not just estimate) the cost of a product / service being offered (budgeting tools) and be able to compare it with the actual cost registered (actual calculation and comparison tools).
  3. Analyze sales performance, evaluating the profitability of products / services, customers, projects.
  4. Manage Bill of Materials and Production Cycles.
  5. Monitor the production efficiency.
  6. Know the best alternative between insourcing production and outsourcing purchase (make vs buy).
  7. Calculate the impact of a product / service on indirect activities and related overhead costs.
  8. Generate directional control tools (dashboards and summary).
  9. Coordinate staff to achieve the company targets (Bonus on individual objectives).